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Angel Studios 2017

Angel Studios 2017

These words are often said to me at the beginning of a Rock Choir project. It’s understandable, sure. But I feel that if we give ourselves more of an opportunity to sing out, then the less worried about it we’ll be.

You see, you use a good deal of intonation when you simply talk. If you think about it for a minute, chatting amongst friends, socialising, presenting, or making a more formal speech from time to time (think best man as an example), would be utterly boring if we used just ONE pitch, routinely, all the way through our dialogue! We would have nowhere to go for all the subtleties, nuances, jokes, sarcasm, wit, excitement, exclamation, in fact, the whole STORY TELLING, if we didn’t make use of intonation and inflection. Life would certainly not focus on conversation.

(Intonation, in phonetics, the melodic pattern of an utterance. Intonation is primarily a matter of variation in the pitch level of the voice, but in such languages as English, stress and rhythm are also involved. Intonation conveys differences of expressive meaning : Encyclopedia Britannica)

Now, put simply, it’s the stretching of intonation and inflection that enables us to learn to sing. In effect, it’s not a great leap into the unknown, but something that I believe we’re all capable of, if we learn, step by step, to control it.

Sure, there are techniques, warm ups, scales, exercises, muscle groups to learn more about. But fundamentally, singing is simply a more melodic way of communication. Ask yourself why we all love it so much. I believe it’s a reflection of us all.

Here’s something we did recently, and before you watch, a quick heads up – nobody knew what they were about to do:

Try a team build rock choir session with us at GB Music Events, and give your staff an enrichment program that will build confidence, morale, and bonding, like no other.

And by the way, the people that say that phrase to me? They can’t believe the results.

GB Music Events – Harmony in Business.

Standing still is like moving backwards, or so they say in business. In such a fast paced society, diversity is key to survival. Having the skills to create diversity, on the other hand, need nurturing. That’s why this year at GB Music Events has included a period of development for our staff and partners.

As usual, we continue to offer our musical team building packages to clients near and far, and can now announce our brand new collaboration with the Hard Day’s Night Hotel in Liverpool, where we will be creating exciting Beatles themed choirs, rehearsing and performing at some of the city’s most famous destinations. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch at

Here at GB, we know that video plays such a large part on online media marketing today. The general consensus is, if you’re not including video in your campaign, you may not be successfully targeting the largest part of your demographic.

GB Music Events now offers the opportunity to help clients create their perfect online video marketing campaign, by effectively combining our filming and composition skills, so that our clients benefit from unique sonic branding as well as getting their video message across to their customer base.

This summer, we worked with Cuffe&Taylor to produce an art house style film promoting the Lytham festival 2015. Complete with a unique score, the film received over 6,000 views within hours of being published.

Linking in with the festivals sponsors, Danbro, we were also delighted to be given the opportunity to perform at the festival with the Danbro Rock Choir, a project GB Music Events set up in January with Danbro staff. We’re currently editing the footage of their journey, watch this space for details!

Finally, most recently, we were honoured to help our brand new client, British Aerospace, with their successful delegate conference. They wanted something really different as a morning energiser, so we created it for them, turning 250 delegates into a rock choir in just 30 minutes! It was a challenge to create in such a short space of time, but that’s what being a diverse company is all about, right?

Why not challenge us to help your company? Call our free phone on 0800 024 8702 and let’s create!.

We’re delighted with how business is looking for the final quarter of 2014. Equally so, the year so far has been amazing.

Thanks go to Jessica Higham of the Sellick Parnership for posting this testimonial on LinkedIn today:

“Ian helped to organise an amazing teambuilding event for Sellick Partnership in 2014. His energy, enthusiasm and pure skill made the event one of the best ever and his team helped make the day hugely enjoyable for all involved. From the first meeting, we knew Ian would give 100% and personalise the event for us, which he proved throughout the event process.”

The team at GB ME are dedicated to helping companies with some of the problems they face, and it’s humbling to know that the dedication we put in pays off.  Thanks to all the amazing teams we have worked with!.



It’s been a while since we posted on our blog. We feel incredibly guilty for not doing so, but please accept our apologies, as we’ve had the busiest period yet in the life of GBME.

As well as maintaining our client services, whilst introducing new packages and creating some exceptional musical workshops with our dedicated team, we’ve been re-structuring. Office space, to be precise. The new, ‘Google-esque’ surroundings allow plenty of creativity to flow each day, with the added benefit being that the studio is big enough to run our other venture,  Up-Beat Rock Academy, which currently has approximately 40 students on it’s books.

This year has been productive. We were extremely proud to present our show, “Up-Beat!”, at The Grand Theatre, in April. Featuring the newly named Blue Skies NHS Choir, our very own Up-Beat Rock Academy students, and a host of talent from across the Fylde Coast, the evening was a major success, and paves the way for an annual event to raise much needed funds for the Blue Skies Hospitals Trust.

We have worked with fantastic clients, ranging from the Witherslack Group, Blackpool & Fylde College, Corporate Events, and Interstate Hotels and Resorts, and of course the NHS Choir, to create some amazing experiences. We look forward to producing inspiring, motivational events for some brand new
 clients over the coming months, too.

September onwards is looking exciting for GB Music Events. The team is growing, the work is now taking on longevity, and we are currently writing music curriculums for a range of applications in education from the start of the Autumn term. Its go, go, go!

If you feel your company could benefit from an inspirational musical experience, please email the team at:,

or call 07730 943939, or 07894 882403, and we will gladly discuss our vision with you..

THE ultimate team building activity for your company has finally arrived! GB Music Events are proud to announce our BRAND NEW flagship package, which takes your team behind the scenes at Dock 10, MediaCityUK, Manchester. Your company will have EXCLUSIVE access to the studios used daily for TV shows such as Match of the Day, The Jeremy Kyle Show, and THE VOICE! It’s here that we create your musical team building package, enabling your team to produce and record their own pop or rock song in one of the most advanced recording environments in the country! Your team will work together in harmony, building confidence and bonding, as well as discovering hidden talents, as the day’s events unfold. We can also offer this unique environment to allow your company the opportunity of hosting a dinner event, or a meeting space, including an exceptional cinema room, available for your teams presentations. GB Music Events will facilitate your event with the best in the industry, allowing your company to enjoy a bespoke team building activity in fantastic surroundings!

Speak to Ian or Julie on 07730943939 or 07894882403

Our Brief:

To produce a “double reveal” ChoirMasters experience for the staff, and partners of Prologis for their annual Dinner Dance, held at the prestigious Norton Wood Hotel, Evesham.


Our Target:

Reveal 1 – To create a 3 part harmony choir in 1 hour 30 minutes, as a complete surprise for the team at Prologis, on their last day of work at Head Office, Solihull. This included a unique arrangement of their chosen song, “We Built this City”, by Starship.

Reveal 2 – To perform their song as the brand new Prologis Choir, that evening at their Dinner Dance, surprising their wives, husbands, and partners in the process.


The Results:

Did they rock it? Yes they, certainly did! The Prologis team were great fun, and game for the challenge from word go. Using our expert facilitators, GB Music Events were able to capture the spirit of the team from the start, moulding them into impressive Bass, Tenor and Alto sections to create the harmonies that make the arrangement so exciting to perform. Within one hour Prologis had learnt their parts, and we set about recording and filming them so we could produce their own corporate video – see it here!


Thanks once again to Caroline Amphlett, Alan Sargant, and the staff at Prologis for giving us all some fantastic memories – we will see you again, no doubt.


If your team is interested in the ChoirMasters package, or any of our inspirational and fun team building activities, please do get in touch. Email us at:, or Call: 07730 943939 / 07894 882403



We’ve had a lovely family Christmas, and spent time relaxing, which was much needed after a busy last quarter. It’s also been a time to reflect on what we have achieved, and how we aim to move forward.

2013 was a year of great growth for the business. Always a learning curve – we thrive off challenge – we have seen progress in public and private sectors, and will continue to strengthen our commitment to quality service in both areas. In the private sector, we are constantly updating our musical team building workshops to provide the most valuable, cost-effective sessions for our client base. This has led us to work in London for Shire Pharmaceuticals, Jewson, and Google, and nationwide for United Biscuits and Prologis. We have provided musical team building at Abbey Road Studios – probably the world’s most famous recording studios – and at MediaCityUK – the home of the BBC and ITV, and have held top level talks with both for further business in 2014.

Our public sector work has seen us work with universities and colleges on staff training, and student compulsory curriculum workshops, and also within the NHS, where the NHS Choir is now established and performing on a regular basis, with lots more to come to raise much needed funds for charity in the New Year.

So, now is the time to fine tune our sessions, and we are currently working on some brand new packages to accompany our popular ChoirMasters and Rock Samba services already on offer. We believe in what we do, and we want our clients to get the full benefit of our expertise and experience in music and teaching. This year, empowerment, and engagement are our key words! Please do contact us if you would like to know more about our exciting new packages.

We’d also like to thank our fantastic dedicated team of musicians, choir leaders, and rhythm kings who work tirelessly for the company and produce fantastic results. Special thanks to Frank Flynn, Andy Flynn, Di Healey, Matt Herrington, and Jamie Price for their work. Thanks as well go to all our designers, printers, artists, who have produced inspirational material, and to Chris Horrocks for his commitment to the GB cause!

One more posthumous thank you to Mark Lea, who is sadly no longer with us. Mark designed the original GB Music Events website, to which we will be eternally grateful.

The team at GB Music Events would like to thank all our clients for their much valued custom in 2013, and look forward to seeing you again in 2014!!

Happy New Year to you all..

When it comes down to it, we’re all human. In adult life, we all work, rest, and play like everyone else, right? In business, the ethos most would say they would like to follow would be the one with the correct work/life balance. For some, that may mean the odd round of golf with colleagues, an away day for the team, or an hour at the pub quiz.

At Google, it’s in-built in their culture. They believe strongly that the creative mind flourishes in a stimulating environment, where the boundaries of work and play are so blurred you could be forgiven for mistaking work spaces for relaxation rooms, and vice versa.

That’s why when Google asked us to create something special for their ReMTech Team at their amazing London HQ, we knew we had to give them an event to remember. Something empowering and inspirational that the cool folk, who create amazing things themselves, would find both unique and motivational.
As an innovative musical team building company, having Google ask for your services is like mana from Heaven, and the bespoke package we produced for their team build was a joy to create. And so the day arrived.

Here’s the video that we created from the day’s events!

Thank you, Google ReMTech team. The energy and enthusiasm you gave to our project was phenomenal. Through your cooperation we witnessed yet again the power that music can bring to the workplace, and GB Music Events are proud to have rocked it large with you.

You don’t need to be Google though to experience the empowerment. We would be happy to quote you for your inspirational day wherever you are, and whatever you do.

To see the best photo highlights from the event, see here.

To find out more, please email our team at

Or call Ian on 07730 943939, or Julie on 07894 882403. “.


To see the photos taken at the event, please follow this link


This month saw GB Music Events travel to the beautiful Hilton Doubletree Hotel at Chester, to host our ever popular Rock Samba event with the staff of United Biscuits.

Google were holding a seminar for UB staff on their new technology, and GB added ‘rhythm and flavour’ to the event in the afternoon, turning a team of 60 people from scratch through to a performing samba band over the afternoon workshop! We have to say, we discovered some pretty exceptional individuals amongst the groups as the day developed – and we surprised many who thought they had “no rhythm” by helping them discover their hidden musical talent – so much so, that we had great comments from staff who were ready to join our travelling samba circus, or thinking of buying a set of drums!

The event was topped off with some fantastic live entertainment in the evening, provided by GB Music Events (another facet of our business), and the United Biscuits staff returned into work on Monday fully refreshed with some great tales to tell! And thanks to the fantastic video and photo footage courtesy of Matt Herrington, we can show you how good the event was.

We’re absolutely convinced that our musical packages bond your team and build confidence in your workforce like no other team building packages. And, with the added advantage of a fully inclusive, non competitive workshop, you can be assured that every team member gets the full ‘feel good factor’ effect.

Here’s our United Biscuits video to prove it!: