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So here we are already. It’s almost the end of the summer holidays, and another school term begins. We’ve had great fun with the family this summer – kayaking, rock climbing, bike riding and barbecuing – and it’s really been a glorious break!

We’ve been working, too. GB Music Events are thrilled to announce that the Blackpool Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust 100 Voices Choir performed live on BBC Radio Lancs on the Alison Butterworth Show- and won an accolade from the BBC themselves! Ali’s program, featuring the choir, was the most listened to regional radio show on demand NATIONALLY for the whole of July, with a 1200% increase on listeners from the month before, and Alison was so delighted she called us immediately to tell us the news. Oh, the power of singing! And we mean it – the POWER of singing really does work, especially when you perform in a group or choir. We’ve researched countless studies recently, and we’ve trawled through academic research, and we keep finding the same results. An hour or so per week of singing in a choir relieves tension, creates a feel-good factor, and boosts the confidence of participants, as well as really EMPOWERING the choir members. We certainly witnessed it with our trip to the radio station, and we’re determined to bolster it all with a series of concerts in the run up to the Christmas period.

Meanwhile, our musical team building event at Abbey Road is now available to watch, here: This proved to be a fantastically successful exercise for the sales team involved, and we’re now scheduling bookings for September onwards. Please take advantage of one of the most exciting and memorable experiences of your life – yes it’s THAT good – by getting in touch with the team here at GB ME.

We move forward with much excitement…


To discuss your team building experience, or to find out more about how GB Music Events can help motivate your business, please email us at    or call Ian or Julie on 07730 943939/07894 882403.

GB Music Events – Harmony in Business..

With an expression of interest from The Blackpool Gazette to run a story, as well as following on from our blog post from earlier in the year ( , the NHS 100 Voices Choir is coming along strongly.

The idea behind the choir is to set up something special for NHS staff who work hard to care for others, as a way to help the various departments bond and create a more unified and motivated team of people. It has proven really popular since we started around March, especially with the female staff. So much so, that there is now a quite uneven ratio of women to men!

We needed an idea to get more of the male staff involved in the 100 Voices Choir, not just for the team building aspect, but also to add a balance of harmonies. With such a large choir, it is important to ensure we have the correct mix of gender.

The “We’re Needing Men” video is about to be filmed on location around the Blackpool Teaching Hospitals Trust. This will involve choir members being filmed singing a line each of a specially written version of the famous Weathergirls hit,  and then it is to be shown all around the NHS on their intranet system. The thinking of this is to gain momentum, especially toward the summer months to build up male contingent, but also to make NHS aware of the choir and its vision – to sing on stage in front of large audience to raise money for the Blue Skies Appeal:

If you work within the NHS, or know someone who does, please help spread the word and let’s get this choir as strong as it possibly can be. For more information, please call Ian on 07730 943939 or email

As mentioned, The Gazette is looking to run a story based on the NHS 100 Voices Choir, which will be published upon completion of the video itself. We are looking forward to running a follow up blog post alongside this, so keep checking back to the GB Music Events website for updates on these exciting times.

To help promote this further the choir are appearing on BBC Radio Lancashire on Tues 23rd July in the evening. We will post up further information about this nearer the time.


GB Music Events specialises in unique and innovative musical team building events, using bespoke and successful techniques to help motivate and empower your company. For more information on our team building events, please click here.  Alternatively, please call a member of the GB Team on 07730 943939 and we’d be happy to discuss your company’s next team building event..

GB  Music Events are proud to be involved in the launch of a new product in education, which will help build children’s confidence in music production, and hopefully generate more interest in the subject, from primary through to secondary.

GB’s involvement will be to introduce the product into schools through a series of workshops, designed for teachers initially, which will provide them with the skill set, but also a bank of lesson plans and ideas that can span the curriculum, and that map easily into the Learning Objectives they need to cover.

Schools in the North West will be asked to become ‘Champion’ schools – endorsing the course, and these schools will be able to participate in joint ventures together to produce music concerts, competitions and workshops. For the first time, aided by research undertaken by GB Music Events, primary Schools in the North West will have the opportunity of becoming Champion schools too. This is a fantastic opportunity for these schools to supplement existing music provision with the scheme, and GB Music Events will be right at the forefront of the launch – offering exciting opportunities to those that come on board.

Research suggests that, in many primaries, music is considered a ‘difficult’ subject to teach, as it’s often led by teachers who have little or no musical experience. We aim to supply teachers with an easily attainable, structured and exciting way of presenting lesson plans.

The product will be launched in September, so it’s under wraps for the time being – suffice to say that there are only 4 of them in the country – and we have one of them!

Watch this space for more on this exciting scheme. If you’d like to discuss this in more detail, please email us at



GB Music Events specialises in unique and innovative musical team building events, using bespoke and successful techniques to help motivate and empower your company. For more information on our team building events, please click here.  Alternatively, please call a member of the GB Team on 07730 943939 and we’d be happy to discuss your company’s next team building event. 


Here at GB Music Events, we are looking forward to a fantastic summer packed full of inspirational events, and we’re excited about the prospects of showcasing some new packages, tailored specifically to your needs.

Last week saw GB hosting a samba day for the students at Blackpool & Fylde College at Stanley Park, Blackpool, for the charity fun run set up by the college itself. Hundreds of runners were waved off at the starting line by the sounds of the College Samba Band, playing some new rhythms and enjoying the carnival atmosphere! We were there again for the runners as they arrived back – some as little as twenty minutes later – and it really added the final touches to an extremely successful event. Thanks go to those students who attended rehearsals, and made it down on the day, braving cold winds and rain, to perform for the crowds.

Working on many facets of the business this month, we have been inspired by certain quotes, which strike us as being an ideal starting point to think about when we aspire to achieve our goals with GB Music Events, and how we are to achieve them. Here’s a couple to get you thinking:


“Synergy – the bonus that is achieved when things work together harmoniously.”

Mark Twain


“In cooperative situations, others are depending on you to succeed. In competitive situations, others hope to see you fail.”



Linking these two quotes together, we begin to realise that the more a company does to help its staff cooperate and bond, the more it is likely to achieve synergy – the ‘harmonious’ situation.

We believe that GB Music Events can really build synergy in a company. If you haven’t tried one of our events yet, then please get in touch and we’ll gladly discuss everything in more detail. Call us on 07730 943939 or email

For more information on our Team Building events, please click here. .

Aah, the feel good factor of listening to some of your favourite music. Great, isn’t it? You can instantly lose yourself in the way the music builds, how the chorus lifts you, or the rhythm of the drums. Maybe it’s the lyrical content – the emotion, the honesty, the way the story weaves. Perhaps it’s the overall sound, the textures, the harmonies, the nuance in technique, or is it that great saxophone solo, or dissonant chord?

Whatever it is that attracts you, there’s a chemical, scientific reaction happening to you every time you spend time really listening to, and enjoying, your choice of music. Stimulating you is a substance called dopamine – the very same stuff that races around an athlete’s brain on the way to winning a race – and it’s heady stuff, AND it’s proven.

The interesting thing is, when you learn how to perform music through playing an instrument or singing, that chemical reaction actually increases. So you get an even better feel good factor – and you’re learning something new as well!

Ian and Julie Hooper founded GB Music Events, a unique musical team building company, sound in the knowledge that this feel good factor can really work in business in both the public and private sector, indeed any place where the stresses of working in demanding roles require a morale lifting boost.

With his background as a musician of 25 years, plus the addition of the past 5 years in education, culminating with a degree to boot, Ian is involved with every level of the company, from marketing to conducting. Julie’s expertise comes from many years experience in the travel industry, where attention to detail and customer service were her strengths. Combining these skills has proved to be a highly valuable asset to GB Music Events. The team is complemented by a selection of trained and talented facilitators, all musically experienced, who come together to produce the kind of events that are becoming highly acclaimed.

So, who is using GB Music Events? Well, work can come from any sector. In education, for instance, GB Music Events have been successful in teaming up with both colleges and universities to set up musical experiences that have inspired both staff and students alike. Their Rock Samba package for instance, has proved itself with positive outcomes used as a confidence building session as a compulsory bolt on to the curriculum. Groups of 30 students were transformed into a fully functioning Samba band in approximately an hour – ideal for the managed structure of a college timetable.

This activity has also been extremely popular within the private sector, too, with companies booking GB for a fun but effective session to de-stress employees, and in the public sector has even been used for staff of the NHS. Because, not only can GB Music Events bring your team together, it can also improve the wellbeing of your workforce through the proven health benefits that music has to offer. So it fits quite well into the ethos of the NHS.

Which leads us neatly to the 100 Voices Choir. Endorsed by the Blackpool Teaching Hospitals Trust, and pitching surgeons singing with cooks, nurses with cleaners, and admin staff all together in a de-stressing, morale-boosting and dopamine-enhancing exercise (!), under the guidance of GB Music Events, the 100 Voices Choir will perform at a series of flagship events during the latter part of 2013. The idea is the brainchild of Ian and Emma Dawkins at the HR department of the NHS Trust.

“There’s a lot of adverse press involving the NHS, and morale is low,” explains Ian, “the 100 Voices Choir allows staff to actively engage in a positive way, it’s non-competitive and fully inclusive, so it’s really working on a departmental bonding level, too.”

Furthermore, the 100 Voices Choir will raise much needed funds for the Blue Skies Charity, endorsed by the NHS Trust themselves.

Other highlights of 2013 include recording at Abbey Road Studios in London,

“the most famous studios in the world” says Julie, “and we’re there to create a team building day like no other. It has had tremendous benefits for everyone involved, and we have a very good working relationship with the event management at Abbey, who have been brilliant!”

Julie adds “We’re now booked for some more events at Abbey Road, but at the moment they’re under wraps, so you’ll have to ask us about them again in the future!”

Ian and Julie are extremely proud of GB Music Events – you can hear the tremendous enthusiasm in their voices as they talk of their next big venture. And there seem to be some big ones on the way.

“We’re in talks with a number of blue chip companies about providing them with the sort of musical experiences we’re offering, and they’re all really perceptive to the idea. It seems there’s been a shift in the perception of the concept of our kind of team build. We focus on a non-competitive approach which really galvanises the team, and we use all the techniques and strategies we know to get the best from the staff, and these companies are both surprised and impressed at what we’re doing. We believe that what we do changes people’s perception, too, and that is a really positive thing,”  Julie says..

Many companies see the benefit of a team building event for their employees, but often don’t understand what type of event really works for their staff. Team building days can simply be viewed as a way of getting out of the office for a short time whilst hoping that employees will engage with each other and therefore return to work a lot more positive and empowered.

It’s not always that easy, however.

Most team building will pit Team A against Team B, C, D, and so on… Eventually your company will return from the experience with one winning team, and a bunch of, well, teams that DON’T win. If you stop and think for a minute, how exactly is that promoting bonding, confidence and morale in the workplace?

A successful team building experience should be about cooperation in both small and large groups, to eventually reach a joint goal. At GB Music Events, we aim to supply a unique, fresh, innovative and non-competitive approach to staff motivation that is all inclusive and gives every member of the team a sense of empowerment. Using music, we’ve also found a universal language which everyone can get involved with.

However, we’re not so blinkered in our ways that we expect every company we work with to instantly find an event that suits them. We don’t pretend to offer a complete solution to everyone we deal with. What we aim for is a bespoke experience tailored to each individual company – which will help them on their way to their final, joint goal.

The idea is to make sure that every event that we undertake offers each individual something a little different and useful, so that they return to work feeling much more motivated, confident, less stressed and with a new outlook on their working life.

Building our company, GB Music Events, has been a very humbling experience for the team so far. All our clients have been really surprised by what they have encountered on their respective events, and we’ve had some absolutely fantastic feedback and testimonials. It’s also given us the opportunities to learn and evolve as a company, using the experiences of working with various clients on such diverse but inspiring events.

If you or your company feels you could benefit from a musical-based team building experience, that’s something a bit different from the ‘norm’, please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team. We’d be happy to have a no obligation chat about how we might be able to guide you. Visit our contact page for how to get in touch here:


From the moment the idea of GB Music Events was first conceived, we knew that it couldn’t succeed without the help and support from our friends and family. Since we started as a company in 2012, we’ve had some absolutely wonderful help, guidance and advice from numerous peers we have met along the way and have known for years. 

Using our love of all things music, and our experiences and background in the educational industry, GB Music Events was set up to help businesses and organisations improve their motivation and morale through a variety of bespoke musical-based experiences. We knew the concept would work and that there was a genuine requirement within companies to help empower their employees in a new and unique way.

So, we had the business idea, some top quality employees and resources at our disposal and a diary full of meetings with potential new clients arranged. We soon had some brilliant bookings working with the likes of Shire Pharmaceuticals, Blackpool & Fylde College and the NHS Trust – Blackpool Teaching Hospitals, amongst others. We knew, however, that the kind of events that we were producing for clients would sell themselves, but we soon realised that Team GB were fully committed to these events and so weren’t able to focus on growing the business through marketing and advertising, as well as keeping up-to-date with our website.

It was at this point that we met with a local friend of ours, Russ Leonard who also set up his own company in 2012. Russ’ company, Rule Creative specialises in marketing and design and following a couple of initial meetings, Russ came back to us with some fantastic advice on ways we could market GB Music Events.

Russ helped us get our exciting website to the position it’s in now, introducing social media links which have proved to be quite a success! Rule Creative also co-edit this blog, an excellent platform for us to showcase our latest news and team building events that we have undertaken with clients. This, as well as implemented changes to the design and layout of the website have illicited some great comments from new and potential clients, as well as peers and contacts within the industry telling us how much they like the new site.

Russ and the team have also gained some editorial content for GB Music Events, with an article appearing in the Evening Gazette, and most recently, in Lancashire Business View. Incidentally, LBV host the Lancashire Business View Red Rose Awards, and the team at GB Music are proud to be supporting Russ in his bid to win in the Start Up Business of The Year category. The results will be announced tonight (14th March) at the ceremony held at Blackpool Winter Gardens. GB Music Events wishes the best of luck to Russ and Rule Creative!

Many thanks , and see you tonight!



Whether you’re on Facebook or Twitter (or both!) Rule Creative’s work and latest news can be found on their pages – it’s well worth giving them a ‘like’ or follow:

It doesn’t seem like five minutes since we first met up with the great HR team at the NHS Trust, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals, which was actually back in October of last year. The aim was to set up something really special for staff who work hard to care for others – their very own NHS Choir. Workplace choirs are proving very popular tools to develop staff bonding and gain confidence within the work environment, and with such a departmentalised organisation as the NHS, it was deemed important to introduce cross-department bonding through the choir set up.

Our workshop sessions will see surgeons singing with sisters and members of the rapid response team singing with canteen staff. These sessions are designed to ‘cut through the red tape’ and ensure that no matter what position a person may hold within the NHS, their job is vital and this level playing field is mirrored within the choir. Each and every member of the team will be singing to help them unwind and engage with other employees that they may not come into contact with in every day circumstances.

Understandably, those working within the NHS undertake high pressure roles. GB Music Events were asked to design and implement a ‘tonic’ which would help NHS staff bond as teams, whilst offering a relaxed and motivational atmosphere to ease the pressures of their day-to-day jobs.

We had a vision, too. Blackpool Teaching Hospitals support the Blue Skies charity, and so we discussed the opportunity of the choir singing at some flagship events later in the year that would raise much-needed funding for the charity. The dream became a reality when it was passed by the board in early December, and thanks to the dedication of both the team at GB, and the Trust itself, we are proud to announce that we are currently forming the “100 Voices Choir” for Blackpool Teaching Hospitals through a series of workshops held in March.

The 100 Voices Choir will involve members of the NHS team from all over Lancashire singing together as one. We have already seen a fantastic response ranging from Morecambe and Carnforth, to Blackpool and the surrounding areas, all ready to join up and raring to go! The team at GB Music Events are equally enthusiastic and we look forward to working with everyone.

If you are interested in our ChoirMasters sessions, or any other of our unique team building events, please get in contact with a member of the GB Music Events Team here:


Last week saw GB Music Events host three days of educational musical sessions at Blackpool & the Fylde College. GBME became a registered supplier to the college last year, and the sessions are a compulsory bolt-on to the curriculum, and have been taken on by 5 of the 9 schools. Students get several additional hours per academic year dedicated to helping them develop ‘life skills’ such as how to succeed in an interview, or how to construct a successful C.V.

We have been commissioned to demonstrate the benefits of team building in the workplace, and to deliver sessions on ‘higher expectations’. With all the benefits of teamwork, plus the advantages of a universal appreciation of the subject matter being taught, what better way to do this than through music?

The sessions were a major success. Rewarding to both students and the GB Music Team alike, they are paving the way for one of our celebrated visions in business – this time the live performance of hundreds of students at an outdoor event to be held in April, where groups will be performing samba drumming.

The GB Music Team began first thing Monday morning, holding a seminar for the Access students – those with learning needs, and we were instantly impressed with the dedication from all involved to make it a really memorable session. All of the objectives were reached, and we received comments such as “inspirational!”, and “thoroughly rewarding!” It certainly was, both for us and the students. To witness these students really engaging in the session, and getting so much out of it, was fantastic! Sessions continued to be extremely valuable to those attending throughout the three days.

We would like to sincerely thank the whole of the 14-19 Team at the college for helping organise the seminars, and are really looking forward to returning next week.

If you are interested in our Samba Sessions, ChoirMasters or any other of our unique team building events, please get in contact with a member of the GB Music Events Team here:

The term ‘Happy New Year’ couldn’t be more appropriate for this leading global pharmaceutical company. 

Monday 7th January saw Team GB organise a ChoirMasters and Studio package at the world famous Abbey Road studios.

We arrived at the studio early on Monday morning to set up, and had arranged for the session to be held in Studio 3, which is the very studio in which Pink Floyd recorded the iconic Dark Side of the Moon album. However, we couldn’t have a client visit Abbey Road without taking a short tour of the rest of the building, so we had an impromptu jamming session in Studio 2, having a bit of a singalong to the Beatles’ Lady Madonna whilst playing the actual piano that Sir Paul McCartney used when they recorded the track. Needless to say, the client thoroughly enjoyed it.

With none of the members of the organisation knowing what they were actually going to be doing during the course of the day, we surprised them by handing out bespoke song sheets containing the lyrics of Love Me Do and announced that in a few hours time, they’d be a full choir creating their very own version of a Beatles’ classic!

Virtually no-one within the team had any experience of singing, but after a few warm ups, a bit of instrument playing and some run throughs, we were soon getting some lovely sounding harmonies and even a couple of duets.

Less than 5 hours later, we had completed a full track, incorporating every member of the team. The final surprise of the day saw Team GB hand over a completely new and unique CD version of Love Me Do to the client that they took away as a reminder of their once in a lifetime experience.

An absolutely wonderful day was had by all, and it’s difficult to put into words the atmosphere and feeling that was expressed by recording in what is officially the best recording studio in the world. We have had some amazing feedback from the client who, on the day, reiterated the fact by taking photos and enjoying a walk across the iconic zebra crossing as seen on the Abbey Road album cover.

We also took some brilliant video footage on the day, so we will be posting this up to our YouTube channel very soon, as well as some images which will be available to view on our Facebook page, which can be viewed here:

If you are interested in the Studio, ChoirMasters or any other of our unique team building events, please get in contact with a member of the GB Music Events team here: