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Following a great session with our pharmaceutical client on Monday (see previous post), they have asked us to put on a follow-up event for another of their senior leadership team on 7th January in London. This has involved the GB Music Events team sourcing suitable venues for a full ‘Studio’ package.

So the first place that came into Team GB’s heads, was where other than the iconic Abbey Road Recording Studios.  The combined Rock School and ChoirMasters session has now been confirmed and we look forward to another superb event, taking place in literally the best studio in the world!

The team will be recording a unique version of a track that we prepare, adding guitar, drums and keyboards, and finally singing the full arrangement in the afternoon as a choir.

Did we mention all this will be happening at Abbey Road?

We will be sharing a studio and surroundings with music royalty and so we will definitely be posting some great photos of ourselves and the client crossing the iconic zebra crossing as well as of the event itself. It’s going to be an absolutely amazing day.

What a great end to a fantastic week!.

Well, what a week!

We had a ChoirMasters event at the beautiful Brooklands Hotel in Weybridge, Surrey on Monday. It was for the senior leadership team of a Global pharmaceutical company, who manufacture drugs for life changing illnesses. The team eventually decided on a session of Rock Samba, followed by a ChoirMasters session. We had prepared a unique arrangement of White Christmas for them.

The whole event was a tremendous success; it was filmed, so we have plenty of great footage which we will be uploading to the GB Music Events website as soon as possible. We also surprised the choir by organising a performance for them in the reception of the hotel that evening, which again was filmed.

The client has since been in touch to let us know that it was the most unique team building event they’d ever had – with many positive comments from the team. We await our client’s testimonial, which we will also be adding to the website.

They absolutely loved the variation of events, moving from Samba through to singing. GB Music Events are proud to announce a repeat team building day on the 7th Jan for an event in London. Here at Team GB, we have spent most of the day sourcing recording studios, as they have booked a COMBINED package of Rock School, ChoirMasters, AND The Studio.

This means the team will get to learn and play instruments and record onto a track in the morning. Then they will learn a choir piece which will form the basis of the vocal track in the afternoon, which then leaves them with a fully professional recorded track at the end of their session.

We’re all still overwhelmed at how great the whole day was on Monday and how well it went down with our client. It’s definitely been one of our most well-received team building events so far.

Since we got back from Surrey, we have had several business enquiries, which we are busy following up.

Wednesday afternoon saw GB Music Events host a Rock Samba event for a more local client at Ribby Hall. Again it was a tremendous success and we will be uploading further details to the blog very soon.

To top off an already amazing week, Ian is also performing with his band for a leading Digital Marketing and Technology Agency in Manchester this evening.

We’ve had an absolutely brilliant run up to the festive period which has meant we have all been exceptionally busy, but enjoyed every single minute of it. We would just like to take this opportunity to wish all of our followers, clients and suppliers a very merry Christmas and an absolutely wonderful New Year from all of us at GB Music Events.

We can’t wait for 2013 to start, as we’ve already had plenty of events and gigs booked in, so we’re hoping to make it a record year!

For more information on how we could help you with a team building event, get in touch via the website here:

Gareth Malone (BBC2, The Choir) is championing the resurgence of community choirs around the country, and it’s all the talk in team building meetings at the moment! Luckily, we already offer this service, because here at GB Music Events, we recognise the potential benefits that our ChoirMasters package has to offer. Not only does it build a stronger team from a communications point of view, but it really is a morale-boosting, de-stressing, and (according to current research) dopamine-enhancing experience, that has instant benefits for your company. We are in talks to produce a range of ChoirMasters packages, with the vision firmly set on a series of live performances – which would give Gareth Malone’s choirs a run for their money. Remember, you don’t have to be a great singer to join a choir, because a great choir is made up of people of all abilities..

Meetings are well underway with a host of new clients as we reach mid-September. The feeling seems to be that although we are in the midst of a recession, we can still positively affect productivity if we ‘challenge the norm’. GB Music Events sets out to do just that – to motivate, to empower, and to build morale in the workplace. Clients are already seeing the benefits of our 3 phase approach, and we have a set of clear visions in place, because that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? To strive for goals? To see the light? Watch this space….

Wow! What a fantastic summer!

The Olympics proved to the world that Great Britain can certainly do events! The opening ceremony was a triumph on many levels, from championing the UK’s finest export – British pop music – to the typical British tongue in cheek humour, we celebrated the ‘Great’ in Great Britain. The following two weeks were nothing short of sensational. New heroes emerged, the tension was at times unbearable, and our proud nation emerged with it’s head held high. Now on with the fabulous London Paralympics, and another success story, no doubt!

Here at Team GB HQ (!) we are determined to spread the feel-good factor onwards into the Autumn and beyond with a series of team building events planned, and some very excited corporate clients await! We are also celebrating British Pop music, and we want your company to be a part of our celebrations. Call the team at GB Music Events to discuss the fantastic opportunity of performing in an exceptional outdoor concert planned for Summer, 2013!.

Exciting times! Last week was a pretty European affair. Spending a few days in a luxurious villa in Villefranche, followed by a gig by Royal appointment in Monte Carlo, and helping to raise £52,000 at an astonishing auction. More to follow soon….

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