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Case Study: Jewson

“Ian, Julie and Team what can we say…. Wow, was as much as the majority of us could say for at least a couple of days after our amazing day, it was everything we hoped it would be and much more it has raised Team Building to a whole different level. GB Music is a team of highly dedicated professionals who have the ability to take an ordinary group of individuals, put them together and make them into a choir. The buzz and excitement generated from the day has reached epidemic levels and created a feel good factor which during these difficult times is something we and our Together Charity; Barnardo’s wish to capitalise on” – (Paul Edwards, Director of Sales, Jewson Ltd)

“What a great day yesterday! Like you still can’t quite believe we all did that!” – (Mike Warner, HR Director, Jewson Ltd)

“Tenors do it one” – “Without doubt one of the best days of my life – it’s in the top four anyway (It’s knocked the wedding down a spot) and certainly the best day I have ever spent in work”.  – (Gary Graham, Regional Sales Manager, Jewson Ltd)

“I had a fantastic day and still can’t quite believe that we have all recorded a CD at Abbey Road – something I’m dropping into conversation at any given opportunity”. – (Victoria Brooke-Bisset, PA Director of Sales)

“Happy first week anniversary to all The Abbey Road Crew………..up to number 3 on the pre-sale charts………Help…..Help…..Help…….He-elp! – Have a good day pop pickers” – (Nick Boyle, Area Sales Manager, West Scotland, Jewson Ltd)

“I am still in a daze” – (Jim Hawkins – South East Regional Sales Manager, Jewson Ltd)

“Helena and I would just like to say a huge thank you for inviting us to Abbey Road on Tuesday.  We both thoroughly enjoyed the event and thought it was the best team building day ever!  I heard some tremendous feedback throughout the day which provided a memory I don’t think any of us will ever forget” – (Trina Gable – Corporate Relationship Manager Barnardo’s) 

“Just a quick note to say thanks for a wonderful day, it was a complete surprise and it was an absolutely fantastic day.”

Nick Boyle and I got a taste of the rock & roll lifestyle and we are getting our portfolio together for the next session, gave the troops a listen this morning and they just could not believe how such a professional sound could be achieved in such a short time.” – (Denis McColgan, Regional Sales Centre Manager, Jewson Ltd)

“Seriously, I enjoyed it that much I am buying a guitar this weekend – Never even crossed my mind before!” – (Paul Moakes, South West Regional Sales Managers, Jewson Ltd)  

“Help……..Help…….Help – Brilliant day” – (Dale Morton, Midlands & East Regional Sales Manager, Jewson Ltd)

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