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Case Study: NHS

Testimonial 1

…the journey we have made as a choir, and as colleagues, within the Trust has been so incredible it beggars belief. You said so many times to all of us that we were improving week on week, but none of us could see it properly. We all said it would never happen – well guess what, IT DID.

…The Grand Theatre proved everything beyond my wildest expectations, what an absolutely insane night. Words cannot express how much I have got from the choir and the interaction with my colleagues. It has been 45 years since I last sang in a church choir, I had forgotten how much you can get from singing, apart from the camaraderie.

I want to say a very, very big thank you to you, for bringing us together and to Frank, Andy and Di for their perseverance, encouragement and support through many difficult times.

…the only thing I now feel afraid of is that it is all going to stop here which would be a shame, because we like the fact that we are supporting Blue Skies whilst getting so much back from our time together.”


Testimonial 2

I have been involved in the choir since the very first taster session at the Holiday Inn at Lancaster last year. As a Community Therapist based in the North it has been a very effective way to make contacts and friendships with our new partners in Blackpool.

Apart from the personal benefits that singing brings, plus the new friendships that have been made, I believe it is a fantastic morale boost for staff and a superb way to integrate staff across what is still a fairly new organisation.

It has brought staff together from a huge range of clinical and non-clinical roles in hospital and community services across all divisions over the whole Trust footprint.

…we are a very diverse group all working towards a single aim. If we can do that to make music we can do that for our patients.

I have enjoyed the excitement of our live performances but for me the highlight was singing Christmas songs in the care homes in Morecambe – it gave a tremendous sense of giving something back to our community.

I sincerely hope the choir is able to continue.”


Testimonial 3

GB Music Events has brought staff in the hospital together to form the choir and also the choir and the local community together. In these hard financial times raising both money and the profile of the NHS locally is important.

On a personal level I thoroughly enjoy being part of the NHS choir and appreciate the many benefits it brings. Leaving on time to get to rehearsals has made me realise I should do this every day! It helps you to wind down at the end of the working day. Meeting new people who have become friends and sharing in many hours of fun rehearsals and performances in places I would not have been able to visit otherwise has been great. There are many reported psychological and physical benefits to singing. Benefits I have noticed include improved breathing and good posture and aerobic exercise. Learning and memorising new songs is good for you. I think singing is good for your heart and soul and warms the hearts of others.

Well done GB Music Events, and long may it continue.”


Testimonial 4

I just wanted to thank you again for all the hard work that went into our choir to get us to the point of performing at The Grand on Friday – what a fantastic opportunity! I can’t begin to tell you how much I value being part of the choir, which should be called the 100 voices NHS “stress-buster” choir as the minute we start the warm-up the endorphins & serotonin start pumping! I’m looking forward to more challenges in the coming year, thank you so much for your enthusiasm, creativity and skills.”


Testimonial 5

I would just like to say thank you, it’s been a real experience and one I will cherish. I really hope the choir continues as it is such a morale booster for staff and brings us all together in a way nothing else can…. This endeavour is well thought of as well, as people all over the trust ask me about it and are very interested, I even get people in the NHS but outside our trust wanting to join! Everyone I talk to about it thinks it’s a great idea and wishes us well and if we can raise money for Blue Skies and publicise the charity, so much the better. I know the whole choir all feel the same way, here’s hoping it carries on.”


Testimonial 6

Music and singing has become my Karma and has a much needed positive effect on my health and wellbeing, particularly in light of the publicity which shadows the NHS service at the moment.

I look forward to a Tuesday and Wednesday evening when we meet with fellow NHS employees and we sing to our hearts content and it does not matter about your standing or if you hit a bad note because we are all friends and things like that don’t matter. The experiences I have encountered in the last twelve months, Radio Lancashire, Tower ballroom, Media City Manchester, and The Grand Theatre just give you that inner glow and the fact that I wake up in the morning singing enables me to cope with the day ahead.”


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