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Angel Studios 2017

Angel Studios 2017

These words are often said to me at the beginning of a Rock Choir project. It’s understandable, sure. But I feel that if we give ourselves more of an opportunity to sing out, then the less worried about it we’ll be.

You see, you use a good deal of intonation when you simply talk. If you think about it for a minute, chatting amongst friends, socialising, presenting, or making a more formal speech from time to time (think best man as an example), would be utterly boring if we used just ONE pitch, routinely, all the way through our dialogue! We would have nowhere to go for all the subtleties, nuances, jokes, sarcasm, wit, excitement, exclamation, in fact, the whole STORY TELLING, if we didn’t make use of intonation and inflection. Life would certainly not focus on conversation.

(Intonation, in phonetics, the melodic pattern of an utterance. Intonation is primarily a matter of variation in the pitch level of the voice, but in such languages as English, stress and rhythm are also involved. Intonation conveys differences of expressive meaning : Encyclopedia Britannica)

Now, put simply, it’s the stretching of intonation and inflection that enables us to learn to sing. In effect, it’s not a great leap into the unknown, but something that I believe we’re all capable of, if we learn, step by step, to control it.

Sure, there are techniques, warm ups, scales, exercises, muscle groups to learn more about. But fundamentally, singing is simply a more melodic way of communication. Ask yourself why we all love it so much. I believe it’s a reflection of us all.

Here’s something we did recently, and before you watch, a quick heads up – nobody knew what they were about to do:


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And by the way, the people that say that phrase to me? They can’t believe the results.

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