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Standing still is like moving backwards, or so they say in business. In such a fast paced society, diversity is key to survival. Having the skills to create diversity, on the other hand, need nurturing. That’s why this year at GB Music Events has included a period of development for our staff and partners.

As usual, we continue to offer our musical team building packages to clients near and far, and can now announce our brand new collaboration with the Hard Day’s Night Hotel in Liverpool, where we will be creating exciting Beatles themed choirs, rehearsing and performing at some of the city’s most famous destinations. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch at

Here at GB, we know that video plays such a large part on online media marketing today. The general consensus is, if you’re not including video in your campaign, you may not be successfully targeting the largest part of your demographic.

GB Music Events now offers the opportunity to help clients create their perfect online video marketing campaign, by effectively combining our filming and composition skills, so that our clients benefit from unique sonic branding as well as getting their video message across to their customer base.

This summer, we worked with Cuffe&Taylor to produce an art house style film promoting the Lytham festival 2015. Complete with a unique score, the film received over 6,000 views within hours of being published.

Linking in with the festivals sponsors, Danbro, we were also delighted to be given the opportunity to perform at the festival with the Danbro Rock Choir, a project GB Music Events set up in January with Danbro staff. We’re currently editing the footage of their journey, watch this space for details!

Finally, most recently, we were honoured to help our brand new client, British Aerospace, with their successful delegate conference. They wanted something really different as a morning energiser, so we created it for them, turning 250 delegates into a rock choir in just 30 minutes! It was a challenge to create in such a short space of time, but that’s what being a diverse company is all about, right?

Why not challenge us to help your company? Call our free phone on 0800 024 8702 and let’s create!.

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